Saturday, March 30, 2013

overcast and gray with a chance of showers

Today, Saturday, I woke up thinking about Easter, on this gray and overcast,  no sunrise kind of day.

More than two thousand years ago today, on the in-between-day, had I been there, I would have felt far MORE than cloudy and gray with a chance of showers.  But,  gray would have been the color of my soul:  heartbroken. afraid.  lonely.  depressed.  grieving.  confused.   hopeless.  directionless.  angry. questioning.  lost. stuck.  gray.

Way back then. I would not have known, not really, that Sunday was coming. I would have already forgotten.  Already forgotten to watch and hope for it.   Even though He told me, and went over this with me ahead of time, and said "in 3 days...".  On Saturday.... my memory of the cross, the grave, the sorrow, the pain would have seemed endlessly permanent. On Saturday, I would have thought this is it.  Gray forever.   (sigh....I am so not-good at Saturdays... )

But today, I know that Sunday is just around the corner.  

Whether Yesterday, or whether in my todays, Sunday is just around the corner.   In a wink and a promise, New LIFE will be everywhere.  The Promise will rise from the gray dark grave.

And that is GOOD NEWS. 

"You have turned my mourning into dancing, my sorrow into joy. "
Thank you, hardly seems enough.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Giggles and Gifts

  Giggles.... Don't you just love belly-giggles from little ones?
I was looking perty darn closely at these pictures. 
And I can't help but smile when I look at Jack's face & hear his deep belly laugh. 
Do you wanna know something else?
 This is a secret. 
But I will tell you. 
When you are older, like say Gigi age....God might give you a gift.
It is a huge gift. 
 Bet you wanna know what it is.
He will give you PERMANENT giggle lines on your cheeks and around your eyes and pretty much everywhere on your face.  He will. 
He whispered in my ear..... "It's a gift....a treasure to behold."
PS...and so...on the mornings when I wake up, look in the mirror and squint, "ohmygosh, when did THIS happen?"
I will pull up this post and remind myself of God's wink & whisper in my ear :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013


Today I was talking with a friend .... a friend who has never been to California.  
She asked for pictures.

And so today I grabbed my camera, hopped on my bike, and took a familiar ride up the canyon.  



Because of my friend...who wanted some pictures,
 I took some time,
just to listen and see in my own backyard...
Poppies.... How I love the Bright California Poppies
Crisp Blue skies
Fluffy White Clouds
Green Velvety Hillsides
A Red-Tailed Hawk circling above me
The Sound of  Springtime Song
Belly Flowers
My mom calls them belly flowers,
the teeny-tiny bursts of color that grow so close to the ground that you need to get on your tummy to see them.
A reminder for me, that even on "those" days when we feel
lower-than-a-snakes-belly-in-a-wagon-rut ....
even there, so close to the ground, God places beauty.

Thank you, Sandy.

What a gorgeous day He painted.