Monday, August 13, 2012

Gettin' Ready to Go.....

Well, all our bags AREN'T packed, and we're not quite ready to go ~~ but we're gettin' there. Our estimated date of departure from PA is just after Labor Day.  We'll be heading west in a suh-weet 31 ft motor home (affectionately named Maxine by our granddaughter), towing an even suh-weet-er 1970something VW Euro van adorned with aloha flowers & named Dori by the same adorable girl. Dori because this surfmobile is the same color as Marlin & Nemo's most faithful friend). 

So....around the 4th of Sept., we're all piling in ~ two seniors, two adults, two kiddos, and two golden retrievers ~~ and we are heading from PA to California, sea to shining sea, following a dream God tucked in our hearts about a yr ago.  More than a year ago actually.

Our "Plan A" destination is San Luis Obispo, California.

The journey though is often the destination ~~ and we all, each one of us, is looking forward to this Incredible Journey.  We're  planning a few months to get there ~~ cruisen'  up....down....and around the country, visiting friends, meeting new ones, just enjoying the beauty God has created, and taking the time to take-in-some-deep-deep breaths. (I just took one....ahhh)  We sort of have a plan ~~ but we are holding it loosely ~ and we will see what unfolds. 

And though traveling with 8 will hold challenges for sure ~~~ we know it will be incredible.

If you'd like to follow our journey ~~ the good the bad  the ugly and the hilarious ~~ stay tuned.  We'll share it with you from here.