Saturday, March 30, 2013

overcast and gray with a chance of showers

Today, Saturday, I woke up thinking about Easter, on this gray and overcast,  no sunrise kind of day.

More than two thousand years ago today, on the in-between-day, had I been there, I would have felt far MORE than cloudy and gray with a chance of showers.  But,  gray would have been the color of my soul:  heartbroken. afraid.  lonely.  depressed.  grieving.  confused.   hopeless.  directionless.  angry. questioning.  lost. stuck.  gray.

Way back then. I would not have known, not really, that Sunday was coming. I would have already forgotten.  Already forgotten to watch and hope for it.   Even though He told me, and went over this with me ahead of time, and said "in 3 days...".  On Saturday.... my memory of the cross, the grave, the sorrow, the pain would have seemed endlessly permanent. On Saturday, I would have thought this is it.  Gray forever.   (sigh....I am so not-good at Saturdays... )

But today, I know that Sunday is just around the corner.  

Whether Yesterday, or whether in my todays, Sunday is just around the corner.   In a wink and a promise, New LIFE will be everywhere.  The Promise will rise from the gray dark grave.

And that is GOOD NEWS. 

"You have turned my mourning into dancing, my sorrow into joy. "
Thank you, hardly seems enough.

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