Monday, September 9, 2013

Be Our Guest.....

Friends... Suki and MaryJane from Tennessee
Our first outta-towners to stay in our GuestTent.

We met Suki and MaryJane in Kailua-Kona during our YWAM days.  Someone once said (I think it was me ;-)  )  ...that knowing someone in YWAM is like dog years....meaning: you may be together for a few days/months/years but multiply it by 7+ or more, because your hearts just get knit together so deeply.  

So good to sit around the camp table and share a meal. Walk through the campground and enjoy the scenery.  Sit by the campfire, talk story & sip wine til late late late.  And laugh. A lot.
And get to see them in the morning.
Cinnamon Rolls at Pismo Beach.
Running through the sand to dip our toes in the chilly Pacific.
Hugs g'bye.
Til we meet again.
Thanks for coming our way!
We love you!

PS....I just read a post on your fb said that when you were with us "it felt like home."  There could be no greater compliment.  Mahalo with all our hearts.
                                                And we feel the same about you. ;-)


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  1. Love the dog years analogy. So true. It was a girls lunch for us; Sue, myself and Suki and Mary Jane at Paradise Bakery and Cafe. So short of time but fun to catch up as if the years hadn't separated us so long.