Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Be our Guest....Barb

When I type "be our guest" heart starts humming Disney's Beauty and the Beast.
Barb, thanks for joining us. So much fun to have you. Though we all met when we were kids at CampSugarPine, with all the craziness of being on staff at a summer camp, it wasn't hard to pick up in conversation, or in our hearts, wherever we left off last. Love is like that. Friendship is like that. Thanks for sitting with us around the campfire for a few days ~~ for the love and laughter and real conversation.  Through all the years, I am so thankful we each discovered... we like real & messy most of all (oh and brown sugar cookies ;-)   Love, wags, big hugs to you!  Already looking forward to the next time!

Buddies.  Beach.  Barb.  Beautiful.

Thinking we are right next to the SRIMP TACO sign....they were srimply delicious.
"This is just wrong.  What if someone needs me?"

A seriously slammin' s'more


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  1. I'd love to jump in my car and come back NOW. I'm still lazing around in the memories. Not anxious to leave them. I love you guys so much. Kisses!