Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Sandy Feet Welcome

Judi, how we loved having you in our tent.....

It has been far too long since we have shared time together like this. We met when our children were babies, and now our babies have babies. ohmy
We've talked for years, dreaming about the day we would at last be able to put our toes in the sand and sit by the seashore together. And this week was our time ... to enjoy our friendship, and all the sea had to offer two friends. Thank you for the warm conversation, the crazy spontaneous run 'n jump into the waves in our shorts & t'shirts, brown sugar cookies, sidewalk art, seashore strolls,
sand dollars, wine, The Rock, campfires, love. All so good.



Here's to the view~and the scallops ;-)

Friends ~ Thankful 
(if you look closely...Morro Rock is right behind us... Isn't God so kind?!)

Blessings to you dear friend as you travel north on Hwy 1
along the dazzling coastline!
Enjoy the journey!
a hui ho
PS..Judi, you will laugh at this.  I WILL post the pics of our wet-ocean-heads, and sandy toes.  However, as I type, I am remembering that those pics are on my phone and I THINK my phone is in the car with Keith in Morro Bay. I think.

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